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APEX_MAIL with UTL_TCP under XE database

Von Tobias Arnhold 9.24.2008
If you want to use the features of the UTL_TCP package you need to publish it to your APEX application user. (I tested it under APEX 3.1.2)

How to:

-- sqlplus

-- sqlplus
create or replace synonym UTL_TCP for SYS.UTL_TCP;

-- an APEX process procedur
-- apex_mail procedure call
p_to => 'user@company.com',
p_from => 'info@company.com',
p_body => 'New message cerated from ' || :p1_user || '.' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
'Description: ' || utl_tcp.crlf || :p1_description,
p_subj => 'New message! ' utl_tcp.crlf);

-- push the e-mail queue for immediate delivery
P_SMTP_PORTNO => 'port');

Update (08.09.2009):
There was a interesting question about the APEX_MAIL function and pushing the email queue in the Oracle forum which you may be interested on: apex mail - mail queue

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3 Comments " APEX_MAIL with UTL_TCP under XE database "

Rodrigo Rojas Moraleda 25 September, 2008 00:38

Tobias, thanks a lot, that is a good explanation, a few words more for beginners as me...

To connect as sysdba to allow this grant use a sentence like

CONNECT / as sysdba

in SQL plus

Rodrigo Rojas Moraleda

Tobias Arnhold 26 September, 2008 08:13

Hi Rodrigo,

thanks for your reply.

I try to explain more detailed next time.


jf 21 August, 2009 17:18

Thanks for the help !! Why on earth was this not done (from Oracle) under the installation of Oracle XE 10g ?

Makes no sensence to have it but not see it ?!?

Cheers from Denmark

Jesper - DBA & Dev on Oracle v5-11