Using CSS in APEX pages and regions

Von Tobias Arnhold 9.02.2008
If you want to use your own style sheets in your application here an example how to do it:
  • Go Edit Page Attributes --> HTML Header --> Add css text and Apply Changes

  • Go Edit Region --> Title: <h1 >Headline </h1 > and Apply Changes

In my case I made a select list item with a list of values to change the css in the page title dynamically.
In my example application you can see how it would look:

Edited 07.10.2008:
I had the problem in one of my headlines that I wanted to use some text with bold and some without. It always put in a line break in between the title.
How to avoid that:
  • Go Edit Page Attributes --> HTML Header --> Add css text for the span command
  • Go Edit Region --> Title: <h1>Headline: <span>(Detailed information)</span> </h1>

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4 Comments " Using CSS in APEX pages and regions "

cazare sulina 19 August, 2011 11:02



Hi if you want to change the colours of the application (background and text) and not just the region/page. how could this be done ? Say for instance you were viewing the application on a tablet in bright sunshine and you wanted to click a button to change the colours so you can view more easily.

jk_apex_newby 20 November, 2011 18:41

hi arnhold. how could i see ur application, it asks for a username and password

jk_apex_newby 20 November, 2011 18:44

dear arnhold, plz tell me how could pages from one application could be copied into another. i have 6 applications, based on single schema, i need to merge them. but when i do it by editing the *.sql script for page, changing respective ids, the page do get imported to another application but it loses all its cosmetics and shape. The graphs and charts specifically get out of shape. Plz help.