APEX radio group with dynamic help text

Von Tobias Arnhold 10.12.2008
I came across a problem with help text information for the values of a radio group (LOV). I wanted to pop up help information when you move over the output items of the radio group.

To include this ability you have to a enhance your LOV query.

Go Edit Page Item > List of Values > List of values definition:

('<span style="cursor:help" title="' || product_description || '">'
|| PRODUCT_NAME || '</span>') as show_value,
PRODUCT_ID return_value
order by 1

It will look like:See it in action: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=28737:3

There are a couple of other resources about this topic available:
Completely different example how to show up some help (Just click on a red text title):

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Tony Miller

Just a question.. Can this be done without adding the HTML to the select statement, maybe with a CSS style setup for the LOV? Why I am asking is, The SQL can NOT be optimized fully with the HTML in it,right?

Tobias Arnhold 14 October, 2008 09:05

Hi Tony,

thanks for your request.
I would guess that there are also other much more complicated ways to do that. You would need to send two select statements to your database instead of one or integrate the "description" into your apex app.

I don't think that the performance will be so damn bad because it's just a radio group which shouldn't have more then 100 entries and in this case you shouldn't get any performance problems with this type of sql statement.

This type of select statement can be optimized (with html or other text concatenate to it). The only thing what the sql statement makes more slow (in my example) is the description field.
I hope I could help you a bit.





I am trying to use this solution but the span tag is being ignored by the select list.

So it just displays the correct help text and radio option but with the span at each end.

Instead of 'Radio Option' with the tooltip.

I am using Apex 4.1 could this be the problem?

Many Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards