Multiple APEX regions in the same size (width)

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.12.2009
First of all (I know its a bit late) I wish everybody a healthy and successfully year 2009.
Now let's talk about APEX...

Have you every came about the problem that you have several reports on a page and they all show up in a different size. Most annoying is the different sizes of the width.

What you can do to bring them all into the same width is to edit the template region or to copy it to a new one and change some html attributes. Unfortunately every theme has there own unique source code. So you need to find out the right settings yourself. In my example I used the theme Centered - 7 and changed the following definition line under Home > Application Builder >Application #ID# > Shared Components > Edit Region Template > Defintion:

<td align="center" colspan="2">#BODY#</td>


<td align="center" colspan="2" #REGION_ATTRIBUTES#>#BODY#</td>

Next is to edit your regions. Add style="width:600px" at the region attributes.

Here an example:

Just a tip:
To find out where you need to add the attribute #REGION_ATTRIBUTES# use Firefox with Firebug.

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5 Comments " Multiple APEX regions in the same size (width) "

Johannes 13 January, 2009 08:45

Funny just yesterday out client asked us to make the regions the same size.

Thanks we will use it right away.


ps. what template are you using for your demo app?

Tobias Arnhold 13 January, 2009 08:57

Hi Johannes,
I think at is one of the reasons why I write this stuff! ;D

I used Theme 7.



Frank Schmidt 28 September, 2009 15:47

very simple, very cool!

Thank's for that tip!

Viele Gruesse,

Abdoul Rahaman 05 January, 2012 09:25

Really a perfect example. Works fine.

sunny 22 March, 2012 09:48

But when I open this demo of yours in Firefox then I can't see the center alignment.
The regions are shifted to left, it works fine with IE.