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29 May, 2009

Building your own button in an APEX region

Have you ever experienced some issues when you wanted to create a button inside an APEX region behind an item and that button should call a javascript function.
With normal APEX features "Create a button displayed among this region's items" it's not possible as I know because APEX creates automatically a doSubmit button.

Anyway one way to fix that is to create an own button:

First create your own button, for example on:
or on:

Next upload the new button image into the application workspace.
Home>Application Builder>Application 100>Shared Components>Images>Create>
Application: #Your application name#
Upload New Image: #Image path#
Notes: #Additional information to the picture#

Last step is to create an "Display as Text" page item with the following settings:
Label: empty
Template: No Label
Width: 0
Post Element Text:

// if image was set to
// "No Application Associated"
// then use #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#
alt="Set user settings"
style="cursor: pointer"
title="Set user settings"

Info: If the button should be right behind an item then edit the option "Begin On
New Line" to "No".
And of course you can put the img-tag also into the "Post Element Text" of an already used APEX item.

At the end it should look similar to that:


Patrick Wolf said...

I think that it's getting time that we support javascript actions for item based buttons.


Anonymous said...

How can I create a button in APEX, which automatically submits 2 functions at once?

Tobias Arnhold said...

Try this:

Or look here:
or here:
or here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

My Problem:

I created items to put in an address and by clicking on the "Go" button I get the address shown in a report. This button is created with "Create a button displayed among this region's items" and is automatically a submit button. Now, clicking on this "Go" button should invoke displaying the address in a report AND showing this address on a map produced by mapviewer.

Have you any solution for that?

Anonymous said...

This solution is EXACTLY what I needed to give my client the visual placement of a page item button, but with the action of a region button. THANKS!!!