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ExtJS navigation tree

Von Tobias Arnhold 6.19.2009
Hi folks,

I added an ExtJS navigation tree to my example application. To get the JSON data out of the database I created a small package which is dynamically creating this data string on every page load.

Take a look at the updated source code: AAW - ExtJS navigation tree

I got some request about the application installation file (application source code). So I decided to publish it to everybody how asks for it via email: tobias-arnhold@hotmail.de
I would use the same procedure as Denes does. You get an developer account and can download the current version yourself.

PS, feedback is always welcome! :D

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I've found it very easy to generate data for ExtJS trees using the XMLTreeLoader.js extension and then using dbms_xmlgen.newcontextfromhierarchy to generate the XML for trees.

Mike Smith

adrin 19 July, 2009 11:05

Very helpful review i will come back to tell how i am doing with it. Thanks

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