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Several Interactive Reports in one ExtJS page

Von Tobias Arnhold 6.11.2009
I created an example page for the ExtJS layout http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=65555 based on the solution of Roel Hartman "Using two Interactive Reports on one page"
Just follow the tree link: "Integrate IRs into one ExtJS page"

I encountered a problem when I accessed the example page with IE8. After the first page load the following error could occur:
ORA-00001: unique constraint
After another reload the error disappears and the application works fine.

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Rutger 12 June, 2009 10:20

Hi Tobias,

Your application looks really great. This example is really what you'll be looking for in bigger applications. Just a tip on the go, look at your iFrame size. It's possible the IR's in the iFrame become bigger, and they get cut off.

Check your third IR and select 300 rows and press go. You'll see what I mean. Setting the iFrame's width and height dynamically will probably solve this.

Greetings ,

Tobias Arnhold 12 June, 2009 13:14

Hi Rutger,

you are right. I haven't thought about this issue. I found a solution and will implement it soon:

By the way right now I'm working a bit with your JSON example. That was a really good job you made there.
Have a nice weekend.

Best regards,