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APEX navigation concepts

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.14.2009
Last couple of month I worked on new navigation concepts and wanted to share my ideas and experiences with you.

Download PDF version: APEX_navigation_concepts.pdf

Feel free to share your opinion about APEX navigation concepts!

2 Comments " APEX navigation concepts "

tylermuth 19 August, 2009 18:59

In my opinion, the most useful and flexible navigational element in APEX are lists. Most of the navigation in the APEX builder itself uses lists. If you give this presentation again, you might want to cover some topics on lists such as hierarchical lists and lists as Tabs.



Tobias Arnhold 20 August, 2009 08:15

Hi Tyler,

I must be honest I haven't used the APEX list functionality yet. After normal APEX tabs came to a limit of usability I joined the tree element to use there navigation functionality and now I use Ext which completed the last open points.

Anyway thank you for the hint and if I will do another presentation I will include them as well.
Just a question: Is there any example or documentation about "lists as Tabs"?