Upgrade to a journeyman

Von Tobias Arnhold 9.10.2009
I did it. I finally reached the next level in the Oracle APEX forum:

Ok ok I know that the most APEX experts work much harder inside the forum and they know things I haven't even heard yet. But that is the psychological hurdle to get even further...

Have a nice day.


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7 Comments " Upgrade to a journeyman "

Carsten 10 September, 2009 14:06

Ich habe es aufgegeben. Die Kollegen in Übersee sind mir einfach zu schnell und ständig präsent. Schlafen die nie?? ;-)

Tobias Arnhold 10 September, 2009 14:49

Hi Carsten,

da haste allerdings Recht. Ich glaube für das nächste Level wird es ein paar Jahre dauern! ;D



tony miller

Congrads, I recently went past the 700 mark and was rather pleased.. I am not always the one with the correct answer in the forum, but do try to help others, since the forum has helped me so many times in the past..

Keep up the great work!

Thank you,

Tony Miller
Webster, TX USA

Louis-Guillaume Carrier-Bédard 10 September, 2009 18:07


Continue your good job!


That's precisely what Oracle wants you to do: contribute to their knowledge base for free. And what do you have in return: journeyman! Ridicule.


The forum seems to be more valuable then Oracle Support for solving problems with APEX. Way to go on the milestone Tobias

Tobias Arnhold 11 September, 2009 08:37

Thanks Tony, Louis-Guillaume!

To 1st anonymous:
"That's precisely what Oracle wants you to do..." - Doesn't all forums work like that. And on the other hand isn't it the forum mentality to give and receive information.

At the end there is 1 important point to me. The more people work with APEX the better is my chance to always find a job I will love!

To the 2nd anonymous:
I think the APEX forum consist out of answers from Oracle employees and just people who like APEX.