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08 October, 2009

Update of my example application


Out of some reason Oracle does not provide the applications from the APEX Developer Competition 2009.

Some winners already provided there applications:
Matt Nolan: APEX Plugin Registry Application
Martin Giffy D'Souza: APEX Rules & Guidelines

I just updated my example application as well:

APEX-AT-WORK Developer Competition 2009 Edition
Description: This application is an upgrade of the original APEX-AT-Work Example application. It includes lots of new examples, a new layout, new techniques (like screen casts) and an extended documentation. It is not a normal APEX application which includes lot's of business logic. This application shows how to use the new technologies out there. The core is based on a javascript library called ExtJS. This library creates a completely new look and feel which makes APEX even nicer to use. But also rarely used APEX WEB 2.0 features are integrated based on typical examples.

About the competition:
Oracle.com: Oracle Application Express Developer Competition 2009
David Peake's Blog: Winners of APEX Developer Competition 2009
OTN Blog: Congrats to the Oracle Apex Developer Competition 2009 Winners
Oracle.com: Rules

I must object another behavior what I can't understand. Why aren't there any jury judgments. I really would have loved to know what for example Dimitri thought about my application. I guess all other developers think the same.

Anyway I wish everybody a really exciting OOW.


Martin Giffy D'Souza said...

Hi Tobias,

Very nice application! Thanks for posting it.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Tobias,

David Peake is leading this, I'm not sure what the status is to make the applications available and give more detailed feedback.

Here is some more insights about the process how the applications got judged. All judges reviewed the application and put feedback into a feedback application with scores for the different criteria and comments why that score was given.
Then all judges came together and had a discussion about it. Finally the winners got selected.

I'm not sure the comments etc will be made public, but as you asked specifically for my opinion, here is my personal view. I really liked your showcase APEX-EXTJS application. You did a great job to show how to integrate both technologies and you gave very nice examples.

About the another behaviour; I guess what is meant is that it's not an APEX app to full-fill a need like e.g. a time management system or so. So people need to look at your examples and still include it in their own application.


Tobias Arnhold said...

To Martin: Thanks Martin.
To Dimitri: So the real question should be: Mr. Peake why are you so quite about this topic! :)
"About the another behaviour" - Hehe it's not that I'm angry about my position. I just like some feedback! I mean I want to be at least become better in the future. Thanks for yours (feedback).