AJAX based select list in APEX

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.08.2010
I looked through the Web for a simple way using a select list with dynamic data exchange inside my APEX application. What I found was just amazing (Thanks to Scott):

ajax-select-list-code-generator for APEX

Select list code generator


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Peter Raganitsch 09 February, 2010 10:49

Hi Tobias,

you can get it for zero effort when using ApexLib which supports AJAX Cascading Select Lists out of the box.

Check it out on http://apexlib.oracleapex.info



Patrick Wolf 10 February, 2010 09:47

Hi Tobias,

with APEX 4.0 this will be a lot easier, because it supports declarative support for cascading LOV. With the next refresh of the Early Adopter instance you can try it out yourself.


Tobias Arnhold 10 February, 2010 22:55

Thanks Peter I will try the ApexLib soon.

Hi Patrick,
thanks for the info. Will all features of the ApexLib be integrated in APEX 4.0?

Best regards,