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Whats about the German APEX users?

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.01.2010
Why German? I come from and live in Germany! ;D
I haven't really provided lot's of APEX based information in German. This just has to change. What to do?
Last year I created a small Oracle monitoring application with APEX and ExtJS. It was developed to collect CPU, Tablespace, Init.ora, Session and even more information about Oracle databases. In combination with some other monitoring tools it was quite a good (cheap) alternative to some expensive tools.

More details soon (in German)...

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Michael Dias

How long did this take to develop?
We already have DB views that can surface the information we want to surface so are interested in how long the APEX install and build will take.

We would house it in an existing database and have apache web servers running on UNIX that we would use.

Many thanks,

Tobias Arnhold 03 February, 2010 22:47

Hi Michael,

I will soon publish more about the project and the idea behind it.

For me it was quite a long time of work, but I implemented for the first time the ExtJS Framework into an application.

Just the APEX application would have need maybe 1-2 weeks. Reports took most time.

Hardest were the Background (PL/SQL packages and so on) and the ExtJS integration.