Column header groups in APEX report

Von Tobias Arnhold 3.10.2010
Did you ever want a report header grouped like this:

Just add some html code into your report template > column headings > Before Column Heading:

Important to know:
- Changes like this have effect on every report you use with that report template
- Make a copy of your existing report template and use the new one instead

In my example I used 8 columns and three of them should have a group column above it. Use colspan="3" to stripe it over 3 columns.

Here the generated HTML code:

For APEX Interactive Reports watch there:
Dimitri Gielis: Group Headings in an Interactive Report (APEX)
And there:
Martin Giffy D'Souza: Column Groups in APEX Interactive Reports

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I could not able to find Column Headings (Before and after) to enter your HTML code for column Grouping.
Could you please mention steps.

Garima 10 May, 2013 02:55

Hi Thanks a lot this solution is great. Also is there a way to include a page column in the Group header name like "Grouping Over 3 Columns Since &date."


Can we make it more dynamic.
In the example given by you the the grouped columns header text is static text.
What if we have 6 columns in report and want to group them into 3 groups 2 columns under each group. The column names should be dynamic based on our report may be. Is that possible