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Debugging hint for your APEX pl/sql processes

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.12.2010
Often I use to much pl/sql code inside my APEX processes. As we all know it is just better using complex code inside packages. In case you got trouble with your APEX code and you can't find a fast way debugging it. Just use some javascript popup boxes:

-- Test Box

-- Box with item values showing an IF validation:
htp.prn('<script>alert("'||:P1_TEST1 || ' = ' || :P1_TEST2 || '");</script>');

Summer is coming to an end and it becomes time to blog some more. Right now I'm developing a new small APEX application which describes a way how you can easily use hyphenation inside your application. In that combination I also found a trick how you can prevent the misbehavior of IE6 with fixed column width inside your Reports.


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1 One Comment " Debugging hint for your APEX pl/sql processes "

Peter Raganitsch 13 August, 2010 08:22

Hi Tobias,

using javascript alert is a very interactive method to check whats going on in your code.

Another thing you can try is using the new APEX 4.0 Package APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE.