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Problem refreshing Interactive Report with Dynamic Action

Von Tobias Arnhold 12.20.2010
It happened now two times that I wanted to update an IRR by a Dynamic Action. It just did not worked! The Dynamic Action fired (I saw that by debugging with Firebug and APEX) but the Report did not update. Finding the solution costs me some minutes/hours!

Reason: I assigned no Region template to the IRR (User Interface > Template : No Template)

Solution: I created a new empty region template and used that instead of "No Template".

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Hi Tobias, I had the same problem! Thanks, you helped me a lot with this post.

Bjorn Rombaut 10 May, 2012 13:47

You could use a borderless region without title.

The problem is that a Blank Region template or no Region Template doesn't have an ID and the dynamic action uses the ID to refresh the object.


Fantastic!, thanks!


For anyone who finds this site and the posted solution doesn't work, this page explains some other reasons it might not work:


In your case (and mine) it was the lack of #REGION_STATIC_ID# in the "No Template" region. I fixed mine by switching to "Region without Title".