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UILayout plug-in for APEX updated to version 1.2

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.30.2011
What's new:
- New plug-in for the styling of the UILayout. Styling is now completely supported by either the plug-in or your own CSS files.
- Bug fixes and small improvements inside the initialization plug-in.

Example application: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=65560:1

Here is the complete documentation:

Update 09.02.2011:
Just released version 1.2.1 which includes some bug fixes for the initialization part.
- APEX had some issues because the div elements were out of the form element.
- Radio button just moved to next then icon when you refreshed the page. Without changing the radio item.

You can download the current version here: UILayout plug-in for APEX 1.2.1 - www.apex-plugin.com/

2 Comments " UILayout plug-in for APEX updated to version 1.2 "

SATHEESH KUMAR 31 January, 2011 05:58

This demo working perfectly through firsfox but IE 7 overlapping regions

Tobias Arnhold 31 January, 2011 20:15

Hi Satheesh,

could you send me a picture of the IE 7 misbehavior. I can't see problems with IE6&8. (THis example app doesn't work with this APEX layout but I tested it on other layouts as well.)

Email: tobias-arnhold@hotmail.de

Best regards,