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UILayout Plug-in update is online

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.22.2011
A new version of the UILayout plug-in for APEX is online on www.apex-plugin.com: UILayout 1.1 - Update

I added a couple of features. Like sizing, disabling of areas, Dynamic actions during runtime, IR Bug - Solution,...

Hope for some feedback.


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2 Comments " UILayout Plug-in update is online "

webghost 22 January, 2011 22:34

I have already your application, apex-at-work based on Extjs, it is really great, what you are doing here is something amazing, I've got delta theme from apex-themes.com which is based on jQuery UILayout, but needs some level of knowledge to customize, but having this as a plug-in it is really great . I wish you will end up with something like ExtJs look and feel.


Tobias Arnhold 23 January, 2011 00:10

@Omar: Thanks and I hope so too! :) Next step will be the easy customization of the graphical appearance. ExtJS is a great environment but the license model makes it hard to build plug-ins for it.