UILayout Plugin Design Issues

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.09.2011
I finished the first part of the UILayout Plug-in. For me it is the first plug-in as well. Any feedback is much appreciated.

It handles the initialization of the UILayout and the moving of the APEX template ID's/Classes to the UILayout areas by the plug-in or by the template.

Now I'm thinking about the second part. It will handle the sizing of each area: NORTH, SOUTH, WEST and EAST.

There are 7 settings for each area:
- Display: Yes/No
- Closable: Yes/No
- Resizable: Yes/No
- Slidable: Yes/No
- Size: (Number value like "250" as px)
- Min-Size: (Number value like "150" as px)
- Max-Size: (Number value like "350" as px)

I could either create one plug-in for all areas with comma separated values or create 4 plug-ins for each area one plug-in.

What is more troubling for the end user?

Version 1 - One Plug-in:
Example based on the following logic: NORTH,SOUTH,WEST,EAST
- Display: yes,yes,yes,no
- Closable: no,no,yes,no
- Resizable: no,no,yes,no
- Slidable: no,no,yes,no
- Size: 150,100,400,0
- Min-Size: 0,0,300,0
- Max-Size: 0,0,800,0

For me it looks quite difficult making the correct settings!

Version 2 - Four Plug-ins:
Example based on the NORTH area:
- Display: yes
- Closable: no
- Resizable: no
- Size: 150

Example based on the WEST area:
- Display: yes
- Closable: yes
- Resizable: yes
- Slidable: yes
- Size: 400
- Min-Size: 300
- Max-Size: 800

For me it looks much easier to set it correctly. But the end user would need to install all 4 plug-ins.

What do you think?

By the way you can try the first plug-in here: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=65560:1

You can download it from apex-plugin.com: http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/dynamic-action-plugin/uilayout-part-1-initialize_77.html

If nobody answers I will probably create 4 similar plug-ins for each area.

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Raymond 11 January, 2011 02:17

I think one plugin and make the operation clockwise like in CSS boxes. So North, East , South, West instead of North South East West. Nice plugin though.


Hi -- plugin won't install in Apex 4.0


I got the plugin installed in apex 4. I was hoping your implementation would solve display issues I'm having with interactive report filter/sort drop menus and the Action button drop menu. But the plugin had the same issues as our implementation of UILayout.

It seems like you were working on an IRR dynamic action with this plugin? Leads me to believe you are using IRR without display issues with your plugin? Did you encounter issues with the dropmenu display on IRs?

Tobias Arnhold 12 January, 2011 20:32

@mbannen: What APEX version do you use? This plugin with build under 4.0.1.

@Wannarock: Strange issues. I will investigate them during the weekend.

Tux Dueñas 12 August, 2011 23:00
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Tux Dueñas 12 August, 2011 23:01

The plugin is fantastic, I have a question, How to put the region on the three panels, I don't know how configure or used, I'm new usin this plugin.

Thanks for all.

Write me allan.duenas@gmail.com