Interactive Report Header problem with multiple lines

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.28.2011
There is a bug/misbehavior inside the IRR column headers in APEX 4. When you create column names with linebreaks (using the <br> tag) inside then the background color changes to a grey background on the second line.
Workaround: Add this script to your IR region header:
/* IRR Header Fix */
.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA th{background-color:#828282!important;}

Bug view:

Fixed view:

There is a forum entry as well:

3 Comments " Interactive Report Header problem with multiple lines "

Stew 28 February, 2011 23:35

Thanks for posting this. It's been driving me nuts since the upgrade. I thought I'd have to customize the theme or something. This looks much better!

Patrick Wolf 01 March, 2011 15:35

Hi Tobias,

which version of APEX (4.0.2?) are you using and which theme is affected by this bug?


Tobias Arnhold 01 March, 2011 16:48

Hi Patrick,

Theme: Simple - 18
Guess it is still from version 3!
Version: Application Express