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Range Slider Plug-in for APEX?

Von Tobias Arnhold 3.08.2011
I'm a bit surprised that there is no range slider plug-in for APEX yet. At least I couldn't find one.

There are a couple of nice examples out there in the wild. I'm curios if somebody of you uses such a plug-in in APEX or is developing a plug-in right now?

I saw one blog entry from Paul Brookes: http://peekbee.blogspot.com/2010/02/range-slider-plugin.html
But the plug-in seems not to be released on: http://www.apex-plugin.com/

List of nice slider solutions:

I also started a forum entry about it:

I will let you know if I here anything about it.

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4 Comments " Range Slider Plug-in for APEX? "

Roel 09 March, 2011 09:09

Hi Tobias,
Patrick Wolf had a slider in one of his earlier Plug-in demo apps. I do have it, but can't install it on 4.0.2, because it's built on the EA version. I can send you the code if you like (or contact Patrick - maybe he has an updated version)


Roel 09 March, 2011 09:23

And there is a Plugin available from http://www.oradevblog.nl/?p=207. Look at the bottom of the page for the download link.

Tobias Arnhold 09 March, 2011 19:32

Hi Roel,

thanks for the info. I will try this plug-in: http://www.oradevblog.nl/?p=207


Hi Tobias,
The link provided by Roel does not get the download (for me). Have you found any other value or range slider plugin for Apex? Thanks, DJ