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Loading Icon - Upgrade thoughts

Von Tobias Arnhold 11.13.2011
During my development I was always troubled that the loading icon plug-in worked fine with before page submit events but never worked when you redirected the page immediately. For example if you used code like this:
<a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:3:&SESSION.::NO::P2_EXAMPLE_ID:#EXAMPLE_ID#">
<img alt="" src="/i/menu/pencil16x16.gif">
No loading icon would appear. As a manual solution use this code example:
/* Template: */
  title="Show sample data"
   return false;">
I'm thinking to integrate this as an option to the Loading Icon plug-in. I would capture the href element take the href source and transform it so that the loading icon would appear before the page reloads.

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Benjamin 13 July, 2012 21:43

Tobias, is it possible to restrict when this DA is triggered? It's triggered for all submits, but I'd like to employ it only for one specific page and one submit. This submit takes quite a long time to complete, why I would use this Load DA. Elsewhere it's not necessary.