APEX IR - Date Filter usage like String columns

Von Tobias Arnhold 5.25.2012
If you want to filter date values like this:

Then extend the code to your date columns (inside the region source) like this:
  My date column name is: IMPORT_DATE
  decode(IMPORT_DATE,null,null,'<!-- ' || to_char ( IMPORT_DATE, 'yyyymmdd' ) || ' -->' || IMPORT_DATE) as IMPORT_DATE

For more information take a look into this forum thread:

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hoh 13 July, 2012 13:35
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hoh 13 July, 2012 13:41

Replace '<!--' with '<', and '-->' with '>', and that works as you intended.

Make sure the display-as for the column is 'Remove HTML and escape special characters'.

Markus H.

Have a nice time in your vacation. :-)