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29 June, 2012

First release of the PL-jrxml2pdf - Generate iReport PDFs with PL/SQL only

A while ago I wrote about and development idea creating iReport (Jasper Report) PDF-files directly inside APEX (PL/SQL).

Andreas Weiden the brain and developer behind this project finally released the first version: http://andreas.weiden.orcl.over-blog.de/

I helped him as a beta tester and I must say what he did is really amazing. Even in the beta state it worked really good. It supports a lot of functionality from iReport so I could use it even with complex reports. If you want to try it now then here is the download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pljrxml2pdf/

Btw.: The project itself is open source.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Do I get the feeling that this is really targeted at 11g only? My efforts with have been fruitless so far.

Tobias Arnhold said...

Hi, I think this solution only works with 11g. But ask the developer for such details. He will know it.

Best regards,


te said...


I've used PL-jrxml2pdf utility developed by Andreas Weiden... I am facing following 2 issues

1) Report runs okay through iReport designer but don't show subreports (except for 1) when I deploy it on APEX... I've hosted a sample on apex.oracle.com here are the credentials for your review and comments


Workspace: TPARVAIZ1
Password: mucew0

Application 58372 - PL-jrxml2pdf


2) seems like the application is not supported via IE 8, can you please confirm

Thanks in advance for your assistance