First release of the PL-jrxml2pdf - Generate iReport PDFs with PL/SQL only

Von Tobias Arnhold 6.29.2012
A while ago I wrote about and development idea creating iReport (Jasper Report) PDF-files directly inside APEX (PL/SQL).

Andreas Weiden the brain and developer behind this project finally released the first version: http://andreas.weiden.orcl.over-blog.de/

I helped him as a beta tester and I must say what he did is really amazing. Even in the beta state it worked really good. It supports a lot of functionality from iReport so I could use it even with complex reports. If you want to try it now then here is the download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pljrxml2pdf/

Btw.: The project itself is open source.

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Hi, Do I get the feeling that this is really targeted at 11g only? My efforts with have been fruitless so far.

Tobias Arnhold 11 July, 2012 20:46

Hi, I think this solution only works with 11g. But ask the developer for such details. He will know it.

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te 29 January, 2013 01:40


I've used PL-jrxml2pdf utility developed by Andreas Weiden... I am facing following 2 issues

1) Report runs okay through iReport designer but don't show subreports (except for 1) when I deploy it on APEX... I've hosted a sample on apex.oracle.com here are the credentials for your review and comments


Workspace: TPARVAIZ1
Password: mucew0

Application 58372 - PL-jrxml2pdf


2) seems like the application is not supported via IE 8, can you please confirm

Thanks in advance for your assistance



I'm trying to upload this app 114.sql to see the example in oracle workspace (apex.oracle.com) but i can't .
Is there a condition to upload it.

suniti dhingra 10 March, 2015 14:03

Hi Tobias,

Hope you doing fine.
Need your help in JRXML to PDF.
I used the packages by andreas wieden, but getting compilation error in below packages.

Could you please help.