IR Bug after import of an application with new id

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.07.2012
Today I discovered a really cruel bug in APEX.
We migrated an APEX 4.0 application into a new workspace with APEX 4.1.
The application got a new application id. The application used a lot of interactive reports. Some of the report columns where created as "Display as Text (based on LOV, escape special characters)".
After the import all LOV assignments where dropped.

Did anyone else discovered the same issue? Is there any bug fix planned in a newer version of APEX. 
In the new workspace we use version

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Hari 14 August, 2012 13:29


We also faced this issue. I think problem is with APEX 4.0 version. In our case both Source and Target workspace were on APEX 4.0

When we install the application for first time, then this issue came. The we re-installed (I don't remember if we re-exported from Source) the application, then all LOV assignments were fine. It's weird but it's happening.