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Von Tobias Arnhold 11.03.2015
The new APEX Page Designer is a great tool in doing your development work faster then ever. Actually I only discovered two more or less annoying things so far.

1. Doing "mouse miles" from the left side to the right side.
The new Grid Layout takes much space especially on the big screens. When you access an item on the left side you need to move your mouse to the right and edit the stuff you need to change.
So why having the right side not directly beside the left side?
A new APEX star on the horizon "Filip Van Vooren" has created a nice plugin called Xplug and this one is moving the Grid Layout to the right side. The plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox.

I guess this will only be a temporarily solution because in my opinion APEX 5.1 will include a customization part inside the Page Designer where you can do this kind of stuff.

2. Switch between next and previous pages
Currently we don't have the Previous/Next page buttons in the page designer. Luckily Filip also fixed this in Xplug.

APEX 4.2

APEX 5 - Page Designer

APEX 5 - Page Designer with Xplug

Give it a try and delete it if you don't like it.

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3 Comments " Pager Designer Plugin Xplug "

Scott Wesley 04 November, 2015 02:05

I also like that fact he added the "disable tooltips" option, which I had already hidden using stylebot.

Николай Каретников 17 January, 2016 14:21

what you did here is very very cool, especially on S3Slider - looks very professionally. B
But for a newbie like me can you please elaborate a bit on how to built UILayout like page in APEX 5? 2 horizontally resizable regions with a tree and report in them. I have already built tree and report, just cann't figure out how to layout them in a way you did

Tobias Arnhold 17 January, 2016 20:22

@Николай Каретников: I currently work on a new version of UILayout for Universal Theme. The current version isn't working with it.

Cheers Tobias