Implementation of a flash movie (screen cast) into your APEX application

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.13.2008
I would like to give a workaround about how to add screen casts into your APEX application.

Last month I got second place at the first ORACLE-APEX-AWARD in Germany and one of the optional requirements was a screen cast for a help system in the application.
Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to integrate it into my application.
After the competition I followed the interesting aspect about screen casts and the integration into APEX.

Here an example how to do it:

1. Create a new template page without any logos
  • Go “Shared Components” > Templates
  • Copy the “Printer Friendly” page and give a new template name like “Help_Page”
  • Edit the Template “Help_Page” > In the Body area there should be a value like: valign="top">#LOGO##REGION_POSITION_06#
  • Take away the value #LOGO#: valign="top">#REGION_POSITION_06#
2. Create a new empty page
3. Inside the new page go > edit page attributes > Display Attributes > Page Template > set “Help_Page”
4. Add this under the HTML Body Attributes (this will make the connection between your file and the page):

5. Upload the Flash file (.swf)
  • Shared Components > Static Files > Create
  • Browse > choose the *.swf file > Open
6. Add a new Navidation Bar and at the second page you need these values:
  • Target is a = URL
  • URL Target= javascript:void( 'f?p=&APP_ID.:YOUR_PAGE:&SESSION.:::::', 'popup', 'toolbar=no,width=1280,height=982, resizable=yes,top=40,scrollbars=yes'));

7. Click on your new navigation bar and the page with the flash movie in it should start.

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