APEX "Display as Text" items with border and background-color

Von Tobias Arnhold 10.26.2008
I don't know if you have noticed it yet. But the behavior of "Text Field (Disabled, save state)" items show up different from Firefox to IE or Opera. In Firefox (what I think looks much more standard like) the background color of the item value is gray and in all other browsers its white.

I couldn't find any solution for this item type. But I found another way to let a value look gray in all browsers using the
"Display as Text" item.

How to:
Create item as: "Display as Text (saves state)"
Edit item > Element > Element Table Cell Attributes
style="border: 1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); width: 80px; background-color: rgb(225, 225, 225); padding: 2px;"
To see in an example app: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=28737:6

Here are the different browser views (more or less adjust to FF3):

Internet Explorer 7:
Opera 9.51:
Internet Explorer 6 (with MultipleIE):
Firefox 3:

It's crazy how different such small details can be...

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