APEX radio group with dynamic help text

Von Tobias Arnhold 10.12.2008
I came across a problem with help text information for the values of a radio group (LOV). I wanted to pop up help information when you move over the output items of the radio group.

To include this ability you have to a enhance your LOV query.

Go Edit Page Item > List of Values > List of values definition:

('<span style="cursor:help" title="' || product_description || '">'
|| PRODUCT_NAME || '</span>') as show_value,
PRODUCT_ID return_value
order by 1

It will look like:See it in action: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=28737:3

There are a couple of other resources about this topic available:
Completely different example how to show up some help (Just click on a red text title):

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