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Solution for APEX import error ORA-20001, ORA-02047 (3)

Von Tobias Arnhold 11.24.2008
Just for the people who are curios about the APEX import error ORA-02047 I had the last couple of weeks.

On the next workday I followed the hint from Dietmar and changed the settings in my dads.conf:

<Location /pls/xe>

After that the error did not occur again.
In this time I did around 20 to 40 import and exports without any problems. I would say: That's it!

You always have to use AL32UTF8 in your PlsqlNLSLanguage variable.

28.11.2008 - Error occurred again... For now I just restarted the OAS service and the import worked as well as before.

12.02.2009 - Error now occurred several times again. Last week I couldn't restart the OAS service but when I tried it this week again it worked. Without any changes except restart my client. This error drives me crazy. At least right now it works...

15.05.2009 - Now I could fix the issue ones by looking into the sessions of the external database. There I canceled all sessions for the database user which I was connecting through APEX. Afterwards the import run again without a OAS restart.
I came to the idea through some fabulous hints from Scott and Joel.
Link: Import err: ORA-20001,ORA-02047,alter session set nls_numeric_characters...