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Administration and development tools I work with

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.09.2009
Hi all!
I wrote a lot about APEX the last couple of month. Now I want to write about the tools/applications I use to get these apps running and having always the full grip over it.

What main points should an application including to be usable in my eyes?
  • It should work for what I bought it "no more, no less"
  • It should be fast (During start up and use)
  • It should be always accessible better portable (like on an usb stick)
  • It should be intuitive and easy to use
  • It shouldn't cost to much (I mean thousands of €uros) or better be freeware or open source
Database administration tools:
  • LAB128 (Commercial) - One of the jewels: it fits to all main points I wrote before
Log file analysis
  • OraSentry (Charityware) - Small tool which shows you if your alertlog/database is in trouble
SQL and PL/SQL development tools:
  • PL/SQL Developer (Commercial) - In my eyes the best development tool for pl/sql programming
  • TORA (GPL) - This one (a tool with a long history) needs to be named too.
Database modeling tools:
  • DBSchema (Commercial) - A really good mix between price and performance
  • Schemester (Freeware) - I liked this one a lot unfortunately its not longer under development
Data mapping:
  • FlowHeater (Commercial) - A really good data mapping tool for an unbeatable price. It is still under development and unfortunately (until now) only in German available
HTML, CSS and JS development:
  • Notepad++ (GPL) - A must have for fast and easy programming
Website debugging tools:
  • Firefox - Of course a must have for all APEX developers
With these add ons:
  • Colorzilla
  • Firebug
  • Greasemonkey
  • IE Tab
  • Resizeable Textarea
  • Web Developer
Have fun trying them out and maybe some of you know other really good tools. Real jewels for the apex development community.

And of course I just write about them because I like them (and paid for them) and not because they paid for me. :D