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Create your own holiday dvd movie with freeware tools

Von Tobias Arnhold 11.29.2009
This time my post has nothing to do with APEX nor Oracle.
You all know the situation. You are the one who knows everything about computers, at least thats is the opinion from family and friends. And of course creating a DVD movie from your last holiday should be as easy as a short *snap* with your fingers.
In case you are the one "WHO KNOWS" may this little collection of free picture/sound/video editing tools make your life easier. At least you don't have to google them now. :D

1. Download the pictures/videos from your camera to a local directory
2. Create MPG files from your video files (like AVI, FLV,...). Use the tool: Any Video Converter
3. Create a slideshow movie with DVD slideshow GUI
- Downloads and installs all necessary other tools like Avisynth, Imgburn, Xvid and ffdshow automatically.
- For movies DVD slideshow GUI requires MPG files
- Save the downloaded version of DVD slideshow GUI because it can be so that you wont be able to use your current project in newer versions of the tool.
4. Create a M2V file with ProjectX from your newly created MPG file
5. Create a audio file for your movie with Audacity
5.1 Download some music/sounds from Youtube which fits to your movie with DVDVideoSoft Free Studio Manager - Free Youtube to MP3 converter
5.2 Use the AC3 file which you created with ProjectX (4.)
5.3 At the end create a new AC3 file with Audacity.
5. Merge your newly created video and audio file with ImagoMPEG-Muxer
6. Create a new DVD (with layout and movie files) use GUI for dvdauthor or DVDStyler
- I would recommend to first create ISO images > less DVD trash
- As image loader use Virtual CloneDrive
- As DVD burner use ImgBurn
- As DVD player use VLC media player

Of course the handling will be tricky especially at the beginning. But the result will be a new level of presenting pictures and videos.

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