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Making a connection from Oracle XE to MySQL with ODBC

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.15.2010
After searching the Web I found a nice description from James Koopmann: Making a Connection from Oracle to SQL Server

Then I found a Metalink note: WIN NT - Generic Connectivity using ODBC [ID 114820.1]

What software do you need? MySQL ODBC driver

Now follow these steps:
1. Add a new file:
<ORACLE HOME>\hs\admin\initMYSQL_DB.ora
# This is a sample agent init file that contains the HS parameters that are
# needed for an ODBC Agent.

# HS init parameters

# Environment variables required for the non-Oracle system
#set =

2. Update your Listener.ora (In my case I use the existing one):

3. Update your TNSNAMES.ora and restart your Listener:

4. Create database link inside your database:
create database link MYSQL_DB
connect to "test_db" identified by "test_db"
using 'MYSQL_DB';

5. SQL> select * from test_table@MYSQL_DB;

Issues I know about: Invalid identifier problem