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IRR: UILayout issue

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.17.2011
If you use the UILayout plug-in for APEX with Interactive Reports you will see some issues inside the action menu. The "Rows Per Page" and the "Format" menu will be positioned above the main action menu.

To fix this use the following js snippet with a dynamic action or add it inside your page header:
$('.dhtmlSubMenuS').mouseover(function() {


    left: $('#apexir_ROWS_PER_PAGE_MENU').position().left + 200 + "px"



    left: $('#apexir_FORMAT_MENU').position().left + 200 + "px"



Create a Dynamic Action which fires on the refresh of your Interactive Report and executes the JS code. Run it also on page load.

I will fix it in one of the next versions of the plug-in.