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Image Slider Plugin

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.11.2012
I'm currently working on a new plug-in based on the jQuery Plug-in S3Slider.

At the moment the plug-in is still under development:

It will be a region plug-in where you only set the selection and the options and it will create the nice slider solution on your APEX page. As template I use the cloud plug-in from Carsten Czarski.

The plug-in will be used as an example for a magazine article I will write in the next days.

About the hyphenation plug-in:
A while ago I published a hyphenation plug-in for APEX which currently doesn't work. I'm still trying to solve this issue but can't fix it alone. Hope the original developer will take a look on it again.
Call: http://code.google.com/p/hyphenator/issues/detail?id=146