IR Extender

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.13.2012
I'm working on a new plug-in called IR Extender. With this plug-in you will get more control about your Interactive Report.

- Default Filter Handling
Should your customized IR show all filters even if they are default?
I added a blog about this topic before:  The described solutions will be part of the plug-in.

- Action Menu Extension
Based on the great idea from Jarola I'm currently working on a more advanced way adding individual entries and sub menu's to your Interactive Report. All will be controlled by the plug-in.

At the moment I have a preview image which gives you a hint about what will come:

I added to more entries inside the main control
One is a simple entry with some javascript action and the other one is a sub menu entry inlcuding a sub menu with two extra entries.


Update 14.02.2012
I created a first version of the "Action Menu Extension":

Update 18.02.2012
I will add two more functionalities to the plug-in.
 - Custom delete of an entry
 - Move of an entry to another position
 - IR fix which is useful in customized layouts like ExtJS and so on

I just saw a similar plug-in published on which seems to use a similar technology as I do. It is also based on the extension from Jarola:
Even so that there is a plug-in similar to mine I still will go on with the development.