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Customized APEX workspace login

Von Tobias Arnhold 4.27.2012
There is a easy way to set up your APEX workspace login URL so that you reach a special page inside your application builder.
The following URL example will let you jump automatically to the SQL Commands interface:

FSP_AFTER_LOGIN_URL - Defines the URL you want to jump to.
F4550_P1_COMPANY - Workspace name
F4550_P1_USERNAME - APEX developer account

Important Links:

Export Application - \f?p=4000|4900\

SQL Workshop - \f?p=4500|3002\

Object Browser - \f?p=4500|1001\
SQL Commands - \f?p=4500|1003\
Data Upload und Download - \f?p=4300|1\
Generate DDL - \f?p=4500|12\

Team Development: \f?p=4800|4000\

Administration: \f?p=4350|1\
Page Views by Calender - \f?p=4350|27\

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