Check-box bug in tabular form

Von Tobias Arnhold 9.17.2012
I don't know if this is a environment problem or a general one. Anyway it is mad and took me a long while to find out what it is.
Here we go:
 - I have a tabular form with standard APEX processing.
 - The tabular form includes a single check-box column with y,n
 - The check-box column is conditional

As you can see the condition will always execute. And so it does. My column is perfectly displayed on my page.

Now whenever I try to save my changes. Nothing happens. The "Mulit Row Update"-Process does not get executed.
After some analyzing I found out that there were no more hidden elements for the tabular form created. APEX just didn't know what to save.

If I take the conditional display away it works fine.
As you see those marked input elements disappear with the conditional single checkbox.

Current environment:
We use Application Express

Is this a known bug? Have you ever experienced something like that?

After some more investigation and a good hint from a colleague I found the real reason.
What I didn't mentioned: All columns where conditional and in that case APEX doesn't know where to add the hidden elements. I made another column unconditional and it worked (even with my conditional single check box).
Good to know! :)

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