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Migrate Sequences

Von Tobias Arnhold 3.22.2013
During one of my projects I had an issue when I copied the DDL from my test environment into my productive system. Unfortunately I needed some of the test data in the prod system as well. For that I had to migrate most of the sequences starting with their last number. SQL Developer created those sequences starting with 1. This simple code fixed my issue.
select 'DROP SEQUENCE "'||SEQUENCE_NAME||'";' || 
       ' MINVALUE 1 MAXVALUE 999999999999999999999999999' ||
       ' INCREMENT BY 1 START WITH ' || to_char(last_number+1) ||
       ' NOCACHE NOORDER NOCYCLE ; ' as seq_code
from all_sequences
where sequence_owner = '#SCHEMA_NAME#';
Cheers Tobias

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