Getting the amount of rows from report with jQuery

Von Tobias Arnhold 5.16.2013
I had the task to show the amount of displayed rows from a standard report on another position of the page. As "Pagination Scheme" in the "Report Attributes" I used: "Row Ranges X to Y from Z"

To get this Z value I needed to check the HTML code:

<td nowrap="nowrap" class="pagination">
   <span class="fielddata">Zeile(n) 1 - 15 von 329</span>
Inside class "fielddata" was my value Z. To get the value I needed this little piece of jQuery:
var v_txt = $('.fielddata').html();
var v_num = v_txt.split(' ');
var v_return= v_num[v_num.length - 1]; 

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