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Switching from Windows to Mac

Von Tobias Arnhold 11.24.2013
A year ago I bought a Macbook Pro and tried to develope APEX applications with it successfully.
You may ask yourself why? I just want to stay "up to date" and work with the best technique on the market. A couple of colleagues mentioned the performance is better with Mac. Reason enough for me to check it out.

I never needed many special developer tools to build APEX applications in Windows:

 - SQL Developer / Data Modeler - SQL/PLSQL development
 - Firefox + Firebug - APEX development
 - Notepad++ - Universal code editor
 - Greenshot - Make screen copies
 - WinMerge - Compare files
 - Gimp - Working with images
 - MS Office - Documentation / Importing / Presentation
 - Virtual Box - Virtual environment

All these tools (except MS Office) do not need an installation (portable version available) and became my standard apex-at-work-kit for each company. I hated to get used to different development-tools all the time.

With Mac I tried to find the same or at least similar tools which I was used to work with in Windows before:

 - SQL Developer / Data Modeler
 - Firefox + Firebug
 - Ultraedit (is payware but no freeware came so close to Notepad++ like Ultraedit)
 - Skitch
 - No good alternative found yet, but you could check out this link: apple.stackexchange.com
 - Gimp
 - MS Office
 - Virtual Box

The performance of my Macbook Pro (bought on Ebay and extended with SSD and RAM) is actually amazing. At the moment there is no reason to change from testing mode into buying the newest model mode. :)

Next step is to test APEX development on Windows 8.1 :)

I don't want to decide about the best OS. For me it is just interesting finding the most effective way in developing APEX applications.

Btw.: You may wonder why I didn't say anything about SVN or similar tools. Most companies have their own software versioning-tools which means company dependent solutions. My point of interest is company-independent-tools.

There are a lot of more necessary tools but to 95 % of the time I work with the described ones.