New beta version of the APEX Blog-aggregator is online

Von Tobias Arnhold 12.03.2013
Check out the updated blog aggregator on http://www.odtug.com/apex

Finally some major usability extensions were integrated. Looks like APEX to me.

  - You can search the blog posts at least back into the year 2008.
  - Watch the last 100 posts
  - No more problems with duplicated posts or tweets
  - Seems really fast to me

Update 04.12.2013:
Got a comment from Buzz Killington and unfortunately deleted it (damn Smartphone). Here is the text:


Here are my thoughts:

1) They need to get rid of the double-scrollbar iframe thing. It is pretty unusable.

2) I'm pretty sure it's an APEX feature, but if you scroll to page 2 (11-20) and then close your browser, the next time you get back you're still on page 2. It's counter-intuitive - you should always go back to page 1 otherwise you'll miss new posts.


My thoughts:
1) I understand the handling issues you have. As far as I know there are not much options to change the behavior in including an iframe.

2) Right. I think this can be easily changed using a reset pagination in the iframe URL.

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