Working with multiple browser tabs

Von Tobias Arnhold 12.10.2013
When I develop APEX applications I use several browser tabs to navigate between the executed application and the application builder. There is one side affect which drives me crazy sometimes.

TAB 1: Executed application
TAB 2: Application Builder

How do I work?
I edit an item inside the application builder (for example the LOV select statement) and click on save. I immediately change the TAB and press F5 to update the application.

What drives me crazy?
If I have made a mistake in the select statement of my LOV I just get a error message inside the browser page. But I changed the TAB faster then the result appeared and I didn't recognize it.

It would be great if the TAB title would have changed too. So that I could see that an error occurred.

Update 12.12.2013:
New APEX feature request added on:
Text: Browser TAB error message

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