APEX 5 EA Impressions: Custom jQuery / jQuery UI implementations

Von Tobias Arnhold 3.05.2015
Next days / weeks I will post from my experiences with the new APEX 5 EA. Today I will show a common mistake in current APEX applications. Because APEX 4 has not the newest versions of jQuery or jQuery UI included. Even so the development continued and some developers just added newer version of jQuery (UI) into their page templates or headers. Unfortunately APEX 5 is not so happy about it. :)

Example of wrong page template implementations:

And how APEX 5 does handle it:
TypeError: e.widget.extend is not a function ...+this.widgetName+this.uuid,this.options=e.widget.extend({},this.options,this._ge...

The result is a not working application where even the Developer Toolbar is missing. Be aware of custom jQuery and jQuery UI implementations.

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