Oracle JET Charts - Do we need alternatives anymore?

Von Tobias Arnhold 11.11.2015
After I looked through the chart types supported by the new Oracle JET framework I asked myself if we need other chart plugins like D3JS or RaphaelJS in future APEX releases anymore?

The answer is: Yes in special cases.

My supposition is that we can use all available JET charts in one of the next versions of Oracle APEX.

Now I will describe the "special case" with two examples where other charting frameworks still make sense:

D3 Force Plugin against JET Bubble Chart
There is a D3JS plugin for APEX 4.2 and 5 called "D3 Force Plugin" developed by Ottmar Gobrecht.
Actually this is a very powerful plugin creating connected bubble elements highly dynamic if I can say so. :)
BTW.: It is available in a new version since 07.11.2015

If you look for something like this in the JET library you will find only some separated examples showing some of the techniques used by the D3 Force Plugin.

For example Zooming, Connected bubbles and multi selection. If all the features will bring it into APEX is another question.
IMHO: If you look for really crazy charting solutions then D3JS is the first stop to look at.

RaphaelJS CountryMap against JET ThematicMap
Actually Oracle JET brings all you need if you are an USA-APEX-User. :)
But if you need to visualize country maps outside the USA then you will have to use alternative solutions like RaphaelJS.
For example: RaphaelJS brings me a solutions for the German map:

BTW: See the map example in action at DOAG 2015

And even better there is a advanced map framework based on RaphaelJS called: Kartograph
This one is doing amazing things just with maps:

On the other side the Oracle JET framework already supports the following maps and I guess more will come:
 - world map
 - continental maps
 - a detailed map for the USA

IMHO: There are map alternatives worth a look.

D3JS and all those other charting frameworks will almost be obsolete if all Oracle JET charts will find their way into a future APEX release.