Importing XML file with invalid character 22 (U+0016)

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.15.2016
I have to import a set of XML files from time to time. Most of those XML files can be imported with out any problems. But at least one file includes a special character U+0016 which occurs randomly some where inside the file.

When I try to import that file I get this ORA- error message:
ORA-31011: XML-Parsing nicht erfolgreich
ORA-19202: Fehler bei XML-Verarbeitung
LPX-00217: Ungültiges Zeichen 22 (U+0016)
Error at line 39409 aufgetreten

What I need to do is to remove this character and re-import the XML file again.

Luckily notepad++ brings a "regular expression" search engine which makes it easy to find:

Search for: \x16
With "Search Mode" > "Extended"
Error will be displayed as: SYN

The error happened in a XML file with more then 25 MB. Without notepad++ it would be hard to find. :)

The same solution works for those issues as well:
LPX-00217: Invalid character 3 (U+0003)
Just search for: \x03
Character will be displayed as ETX

LPX-00217: Invalid character 6 (U+0006)
Just search for: \x06
Character will be displayed as ACK

Update 08.07.2016:
I found a way to fix this character issue with some pretty SQL code:
URL: Finding and removing non ascii characters from an Oracle Varchar2

REGEXP_REPLACE('... Your XML code....',
from dual