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Von Tobias Arnhold 1.19.2016
The APEX page was developed using two pages.
One for the German speaking community and one for the English speaking APEX developers.

Normally you would create an application and translate the text parts after you finished the development. With we developed a one page application. Instead of translating the page we decided to create a copy of the page and translate this one instead. In the end we had one for the German speaking developers (page 1) and one for all English speaking developers (page 4). Unfortunately we had to decide which language should be shown first. Luckily Sabine came with the idea to switch the page depending on which browser language you used.

There was still one problem: Nobody could give me a simple two click solution for the problem.

So I checked which possibilities I had. I found a great blog post by Francis Mignault which helped me a lot creating a two click solution: APEX 4.0 - Language Derived from session

All I had to do was to create a branch "Before Header" on page 1:

The hard part was to find the correct parameter to check the browser language with SQL.

Before Header

Page 4

Rows returned

SQL Query:
select 1
from dual
where nvl(v('BROWSER_LANGUAGE'),'en') != 'de'

The request check is for those users (with English browser language) who want to look at the German page intentionally. This means every action on page 1 requires a REQUEST.

Here the example when you are coming from page 4

That's it.

Any questions about the competition? Use twitter: #apexcompetition

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