UILayout for Universal Theme

Von Tobias Arnhold 1.24.2016
Some of you may know the plugin "UILayout for APEX" I developed in 2011. It is based on the jQuery plugin called "UI Layout"

I'm currently develop a new version running only inside the Universal Theme (UT).  This version is completely redesigned and focused only to work with the UT.

Actually it is quite cool because it supports some really handy features:
- Easy to set up - Dynamic Action: "Page Load"
- You can have up to 3 panels: navigation, left and right panel
- Same responsive behavior as you are used to with the standard UT
- Resizer colors: Grey, UT colors (or custom colors - in development)
- Default width and max width can be set up for each panel
- Resizer bar width can be set up for each panel
- The navigation area is controlled by the default UT button

UILayout Configuration:

Now I still have a problem. I need some testers finding problems I haven't seen.
The plugin runs in every UT application and makes no changes to your application source code.
It can easily be erased by deleting the corresponding dynamic action.

If you like to test it then please write me an email to: tobias-arnhold@hotmail.de

PS: The plugin will be published on apex.world as open source.

Update  - 01.02.2015:
The plugin is released and can be downloaded here: https://github.com/tobiasarnhold/uilayout-ut
Here a GIF movie showing the plugin in action.