APEX shuttle item with one direction

Von Tobias Arnhold 2.04.2016
In one application I had the requirement to set up a shuttle item to be half readonly. All you should do was to add new values from the left to the right side. You should not be allowed to remove values from the right side.

The result should look like that:
To get this result you need to do three activities:
 - remove the ordering part
 - remove the unwanted moving parts
 - stop the double click on the right side

The item in the picture has the name: P7_SHUTTLE

1. Remove the ordering part
Can be done with some standard APEX configuration.

2. Remove the unwanted moving parts / 3. Stop the double click on the right side
This can be done with a tiny dynamic action.
Name: Page Load - SetUp Shuttle Element
Event: Page Load
Action: Execute Javascript Code
Source Code:
/* hide buttons */

/* Prevent double click */

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