The best Oracle technology week ever - Part 1: Helsinki and Stockholm

Von Tobias Arnhold 9.07.2017
You remember my last blogpost describing how my #europeTour would be like:
#orclapex Europe tour 

It was a week with as little sleep as possible. Reasons:
 - traveling
 - just was to excited
 - to much party

It all started in Helsinki with the first Oracle APEX day in Finland.
I reached Helsinki with Richard Rieb around 10 o'clock in the evening. It was dark and cold, our taxi driver spoke 5 words to us but good hard rock music was played on the radio. We knew we have come to the right place.
At the next day we met the organizers (Heli and Marko), the other speakers (Carsten Czarski, Shakeeb Rahman, Matthias Nöll and Mathias Magnussen) and 30 other APEX interested people.
I was happily surprised to meet Matt Nolan from the FOEX crew.
Background story: This guy gave me, in hard times maybe 8 years ago, some good tips and kept my APEX passion alive.
I was even more surprised to meet Jari Lainen which created a really nice APEX example application and has an awesome blog as well. He mentioned to join a new APEX project soon. He will hopefully start writing then again.

The presentations were really good but see for yourselves:

Btw: If you think I do crazy stuff then I always find someone even more devoted like Heli who flew to Soul for the Oracle code conference in between the Finnish APEX event and the POUG in Krakow.

We the other presenters, except Mathias who had to fill the time gaps in between the conferences, took the cruiser ship to Stockholm.

Funny fact: beer at the bar was 6 €, one beer at the tax free shop costs 3,50 € and 24 for of them in a pack costs 20 €. You know what we did.

We enjoyed beers in a stormy night at the railing watching the ocean.
Tip: On a shaky boat just drink 5 beers and feels like you have drunken 10.

In Stockholm we got the perfect location including really tasty food during the first Oracle APEX day in Sweden. 60 participants were listening to our presentation. See for yourselves:

We got great feedback by the customers and enjoyed several nice talks. I even talked to a guy from Denmark who just came to participate at this particular conference. Thanks to the Swedish Oracle Usergroup (SWEOUG) making it possible. My special thanks goes to Daniel and Mathias.

We spent the night by my relatives as Richard discoverd that one of the beers got broken and drenched his backpack. :D Luckily he flew home the day after.

Next Morning at 5 o'clock we (Matthias and me) headed towards the Arlanda airport and took the flight to Berlin.
In Berlin we met the students for the "NextGEN goes POUG trip" (#pougtrip)

In case you want to look at all the tweets from the conference then search for #europeTour, #sweougApex17 or #orclapex.

Next time I will tell you all about the trip to the "POUG 2017". :) Look closely at the DOAG website.