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After the party is before the party

Von Tobias Arnhold → 10.20.2017
Now two months after the #pougtrip everything went back to normal. Except the planning for the next events.

The DOAG #NextGEN is currently starting a "roadshow" at German universities.

Start is the 07.11.2017 at the Trier University of Applied Sciences. We will have 3 presentations covering different technologies: SQL, JS, JSON, SVG, PL/SQL, REST and APEX.
But see for yourself: Oracle Vorträge an der Hochschule Trier

As you can see the agenda is made with APEX :). Inspired by the #pougtrip we plan free beer for all students!

This is our first test run to find out what it takes to get as much students as possible to listen to Oracle related technologies.

From my perspective the question is: What can an Oracle expert contribute to young professionals?

For example: handling real life problems and sharing the experience while using modern technologies. But I think most important is devotion.
You get inspired by an expert mostly depending on how dedicated this person is delivering the information. This event gives us the chance to inspire young professionals to see Oracle in a new light. See the possibilities and feel the devotion by the people who are working with the technology.

BTW: This event wouldn't be possible without two dedicated students. Thanks Rebecca and Abby!